NASA entrusts FAMU with a series of space matter and meteorite samples loan

For the first time students will get a glimpse of space on campus. NASA has entrusted Florida A&M with a series of space matter including lunar and meteorite samples on loan until Feb. 20th.

The samples will be used in classrooms and labs in the college of education science areas to educate FAMU students as well as others in the community.

A press conference was held Wednesday in the lobby of the School of Pharmacy to announce NASA’s loan agreement.

Genniver Bell, the dean of college of education was a speaker at the conference. Bell said the loan is a wonderful opportunity for FAMU students to see space rocks.

Students seem to be very excited about the limited edition to our campus. “Wow! FAMU is doing a lot this year,” Micha Nixon, 19, a 2nd year elementary education student said. “It is great that NASA trusts us with this.”

The College of Education plans to continue FAMU’s involvement with NASA and believes this loan is a step in the right direction of more partnerships to come

Edith Davis, associate professor of science education, has an eight-year certification from NASA to look after the rocks.

If the samples are not in Davis’ possession, they are secured in a vault or accompanied by security.

Currently, the rocks are locked away in a vault but they will be on display for public viewing on Saturday, Feb. 13th from 1-3p.m. in the Meek-Eaton Black Archives.