Valentine’s Day Technology

Valentine’s Day is a chance for relationships to crumble. The gift you give can be perfect, but not quite as perfect as someone else’s and therefore you obviously do not love your significant other enough.Pessimistic I know, but true.Well I am here to at least give you a fighting chance from the technology domain. Usually I talk about the affordable stuff, but today I will also give you a look at some real “knock you out of the park tech.” I will start with what a lady can buy for her special man.On the affordable side, the first quarter of 2010 has seen an insane amount of huge video game releases. Ladies, trust me on this one, if your man has a game console, the easiest way to his heart is through the disc tray. Bioshock 2 (while not anywhere near as satisfying as the original) is out, Mass Effect 2 has been released to stellar reviews and Dante’s Inferno allows you to rip Hell apart (and everyone wants that). Even Dark Void provides a reasonable amount of action for 60 bucks, and they give you a jet pack.While not so affordable, AstroGaming’s A40 audio system will make any man (gamer or not) squeal with absolute joy. Sure, the set will run you about $250, but the A40 set allows for quiet gaming as all noise is filtered through the set. The sound quality will have him looking over his shoulder to see if someone in game is behind him.Men, I am sorry but you have a harder task.Tech usually does not make the average woman giddy, but if you have a tech junkie in your life, you can always look to the makers of the Jesus Phone for help.Apple never fails to deliver, and the fifth generation iPod Nano is a nice way to say, “Hey baby, I love you, enjoy some music,” or at least something to that effect. The iPod Nano has a camera (no HD though), is affordable at $139.99 for an eight gig, and well, it is an iPod. You know the drill with these things.If you are going to try and spend money on high-end tech for a girl, you might as well try and make a super date with her. Get dinner reservations, book a day at the spa, make her dinner, but do not blow money on a video game console or a shiny new laptop. It will be extreme hit or miss on if she likes it, and if she hates it, she will make you cry.