Recreational center offers fitness course

Losing weight may take time, but spinning with the Florida A&M Recreation Center may help speed up results.The Recreation Center is offering an eight-week weight loss program for spinning.Spinning is an aerobic exercise on a stationary spinning bike. While spinning on the bike, the instructor provides motivation as music plays in the background. Spinning is not all one speed. Sometimes, peddling is as fast as possible, other times in a standing position. These changes help physically and mentally. Many FAMU students are planning to join the spinning class.“I heard about the spinning class through the recreation center,” said Marisa Moffett, a junior Business Administration student from Detroit. “I go there sometimes to work out and thought it would be a nice opportunity for me.” “I have been trying to lose weight for about two months,” continued Moffett. “My goal while in the spinning class is to lose about 20 pounds. After I get out of the spinning class I plan on continuing a vigorous workout plan.” Gina Davis, a junior Chemistry major from Hampton, Va., said she has been spinning since she came to FAMU two years ago. “I might just join the class because I do it anyway,” said Davis. “The class really does help you lose a lot of weight and it’s better motivation than just running.” Some people do not think the spinning class is a good use of time. “Spinning is an exercise that depends on the type of person you are,” said Kiana Cogdell, a freshmen Spanish major from Ocala, Fla. “I don’t like to be pushed that hard and it’s too fast of a pace for me. I like to work [out] at my own pace.” The Spinning Weight Loss program costs $75 for students and $90 for faculty. Moffett said the price is pretty substantial, but is willing to pay. Cogdell, however, said she feels differently.“I work out occasionally, but I wouldn’t pay for something I know I’m not going to keep doing,” said Cogdell. Spinning can be a fun exercise, and can provide satisfying results.“My favorite part of spinning is the music because it keeps you going,” said Davis. “The music keeps me motivated and makes me want to push harder and the instructor motivates me as well.” For more information about the spinning class, contact Chip Helmbach at 850-412-5515 or Akimi Walker at 850-412-5521.