When it comes to elections, less is more

If I had a nickel for every time I saw a grandiose promotion from a candidate during campus elections, I would be a millionaire. In the past, I could count on a candidate to go beyond the typical button and poster. Instead they gave me full course meals and shuttles in sports cars to class. If I did not know any better, I would have thought that candidates were running to be president of the world.I think the better question to ask is where does the money come from. My only guess is that some of the candidates are sponsored or given donations. Paying for advertisements with money from their own pockets is possible, but crazy.If candidates have the spending power to heavily promote themselves then they should. However, candidates must remember that saturation can smother the voters. Although the big-time advertising is impressive, I am one for the good ole button, a tasty treat and a smile. I feel as though school elections should not go beyond school grounds. When this happens, I begin to feel like I cannot escape it. It is bad enough that everyone is yelling, “Vote for me” and pushing their platforms in my face on campus but when I am riding around Tallahassee. I prefer not to be ambushed with school election advertisements on the radio. During the elections, there are a variety of students who want to run for an office position. In order to stand out candidates have to figure how their campaign can be memorable. Candidates use advertising to promote themselves. However, just because it is possible to pay for all types of advertisements does not always mean that victory is guaranteed. Sometimes a good shtick is all they need. Whether it is carrying an opened umbrella rain or shine, or walking around campus as a guitar hero rock star, people love a good show. Voters take notice to candidates who are different and giving a good show allows people give the candidate a chance. That way, voters will look at the candidates’ platforms of their own freewill and not by force.