FAMU Red Light Green Light event discusses cheating and interracial relationships

The Beta Alpha chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and the FAMU chapter of Progressive Black Men Inc. held an entertaining yet informative seminar called Red Light Green Light this past Thursday.

The seminar focused on interactive dating and relationships.

The panelist included alumna Dominique Bercy, FAMU student counselor Dougla-Khan Stanci, psychology grad student Devon Mitchell and business administration student Josh Ellis.

The panelists spoke from knowledge and experience. Two of the panelists are single and the others were in relationships.

The seminar discussed the major topics in relationships that often cause confusion or problems among students. The panelist hit key points on interracial dating, cheating, insecurities, self defense and abuse.

The opening skit, “Is It Really Cheating”, portrayed a male and female student studying in the library. The young man confessed his desires to have a relationship with the lady. Although she was currently in a relationship, she took on his offer to fool around.

When the panelists asked for feedback among the audience, there were a lot of unsettling comments and twisted facial expression.

Chaos really erupted when members of Delta Sigma Theta and Progressive Black Men acted out a skit on interracial dating. Many audience members had many different opinions about this issue.

“I really believe we as African Americans should open our eyes to interracial relationships because we live in such a diverse country. I’ve learned what I will and will not tolerate from a man no matter what his ethnicity may be,” said Valencia Solomon, 19, a pre-nursing sophomore from Tampa.

Feedback ranged from the idea that interracial dating should be accepted because of globalization, to the idea that blacks and other races should only date their own race.

Josh Ellis, 22, a business administration student, and seminar panelist from Indianapolis, Ind., said, “I hope the students will learn from our prospective of relationships and apply our criticism and advice to create healthier relationships for themselves. The skits are a way to entertain them on our focal subjects, but I hope they really catch on to the bigger picture.”

Overall, students said they left the seminar with a better understanding of relationship “do’s and don’ts.”