College of Law hires Reginald Green as new associate dean for Student Services and Administration

The Florida A&M College of Law finds someone to fill the position of associate dean for Student Services and Administration. Reginald Green, who has served as associate dean for career resources at South Texas College of Law, is the new hire.

According to Green, his goal is to make sure that every employer, legal and non-legal, in Florida, view the students and graduates as some of the most talented and diverse students in the country.

“I am extremely excited about joining the FAMU organization,” said Green.
Green will join the college of law March 19, 2010.

According to a statement released by, Leory Pernell, the dean of FAMU’s law school, Green’s primary focus once he arrives will be direct supervision, direction and enhancement of the career services area. Green will engage in counseling students on their career choice, build a relationship with legal employers and act as a coordinator between students, alumni and employers.

“Dean Leroy Pernell has a definite vision about where he wants to take the law school,” said Green. “My job is to make sure that all the administrative offices at the law school work together to help him achieve that vision.” Green added that Pernell has asked him to make career services his top priority as he takes his new post.

Pernell said Green’s past work experience, has made him qualified for the position.
“Mr. Green brings exceptional experience to this area and is highly regarded for his work at South Texas College of Law,” Pernell said.

Green has served for a decade at the South Texas College of Law. He is a graduate of South Texas College of Law in Houston and Tougaloo College in Jackson, Miss.

“After more than 15 years in law school administration, I have had the unique opportunity to be involved in almost every aspect of the law school experience,” Green said.

Green said refusing to underestimate competition and knowing that experience is valuable are two lessons in which he has learned.

“The past few years have also taught me two valuable lessons,” said Green, ” the first is never underestimating your competition and never overestimate your own knowledge and abilities. The second lesson is, (quoting Oscar Wilde), ‘Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing.’ I am confident that this experience can be of value to FAMU,” Green said.

The Florida A&M College of Law established its full accreditation in July 2009. Founded in 1949, Florida A&M College of Law graduated 57 lawyers in 19 years before being closed down by the state. The Florida A&M College of Law reopened in 2000 in Orlando. They enrolled 89 students in 2002 when it first opened.