A FAMU professor gets one daunting surprise in front of his house

There was an accident involving two cars on the corner of Gamble and Cleveland streets around 7 p.m. on Thrusday, Feb. 4.  Three passengers had to be pulled out by emergency officials.

The collision happened in front of the home of Florida A&M Professor Roderick Rolle. According to Rolle, a black Buick Regal heading west on Cleveland was struck by a car as it crossed over Gamble.

The passengers of the Regal included two older women and one little girl. The young child had to be removed from the back seat of the car by emergency officials. Officials had to use pliers to the left side of the passenger door to remove the girl.

The biology professor said a number of accidents occur in front of his house due to speeding drivers.

“Their needs to be some speed bumps on the corner of Gamble and Cleveland. Several cars have been hit and my house was once hit in the sixties,”  the Tallahassee native said.

” My grandmother built a tree to stop cars from running into the house. Several cars sitting in front of my house have been hit and there is an accident as a result of a car crossing Cleveland and Gamble at least once every two months.”

Rolle said many of his pets have died due those who disobey the speed limit.

“Several of my cats have been run over by speeding students. They never last long,” said Rolle.

No casualties occurred in the accident.

The Tallahassee Police Department was unable to release any information regarding the accident. Please continue to follow up with The Famuan as we recieve more information about this case.