Road to redemption: Live blog

Please refresh this page frequently.  All updates will come with real-time time stamps.


Give me a minute.  I need to wash the taste of the girls game out of my mouth.  I’ll be back for the pregame of the men’s game.

Congrats to the women’s volleyball and softball teams.  We’re honoring them for their accomplishments within the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference before the men’s game gets started.


Plain and simple, something needs to change with the men’s team..  They are 3-12 with a 1-2 conference record.  Their latest last came at the hands of the bottom-feeding Norfolk State Spartans.  The only bright spot is now Christopher Walker is not the only one averaging 10 points a game.  Brandon Bryant decided to join in the fun and now he scores 10 a game as well. 

Maryland-Eastern Shore has not had much in the way of success either.  Seven straight losses at the hands of various teams from various conferences.  Neither team is playing their best basketball right now, and both are looking to prove something. 


Well the game if officially underway.  It looks a little different from what I have seen so far from the men’s team.  The basketball is cleaner.  Not mistake-free, but certainly better than their latest turnover-ridden adventures.

4-6 UMES with 16:30 left in the half.


I say one nice thing about these guys and I’m disappointed.  A few turnovers later and the Eagles take a 4-11 lead.  It was only two turnovers, but they were on fast breaks.  The transition game has to step up.  Easy baskets are just too much to give up. 

The post play is exceptional from the Eagles.  The bigs have either scored or assisted on every successful Eagles possession so far.  The Rattlers are also getting killed on the boards.

7-15 UMES with 13:00 left in the half.


Expect fewer and fewer blog updates if the game keeps moving at this pace.  This is getting out of hand fast.  The Rattlers are not hitting shots and can not stop the Eagles’ attack on offense.

8-22 UMES with 10:20 left in the half.


Basketball requires a certain level of hustle.  The Rattlers are not showing that level of hustle right now.  At least three red shirts dive for the ball when it is on the ground.  The white shirts are just kind of standing around, hoping the ball rolls to them.

8-24 UMES with 7:47 left in the half.


As bad as the Rattlers have been so far, the nice oop to Walker kind of makes things easier to swallow.

…Kind of.

It really does not make up for Dale Hughes’ streetball demo that we had to watch for a few seconds.  A bunch of aimless but fancy dribbling that resulted in no points.

12-30 UMES with 4:23 left in the half.  (I accidently wrote 300 at first.  Someone next to me said, “Keep it that way.”


Cecil Bent made a nice move to the basket, hit the shot and got a foul attached to it.  All of this is negated by two things. 

1) He traveled.  Bad.

2) He did not hit the foul shot.

14-32 UMES with 2:00 left in the half.


Something completely unrelated to the game.  The junior cheerleaders are currently discussing how to spell “Rattlers.”  This is after a failed cheer attempt to spell it.

Kind of represents how the Rattlers are playing tonight.  Lost, confused and borderlining on funny.

On the bright side, the refs are better.

Ok, I confess, this did have something to do to the game.

16-33 UMES with 40 seconds left in the half.

8:42 Halftime

Stay tuned for stats.  If you’ve been reading so far you know full well that the stats will not be anywhere close to good.


Yeah.  The stats were bad.

FG Percent- FAMU 29.6 UMES 52.2

Rebounds- FAMU 13 UMES 24

Free throws- FAMU 3-9 UMES 6-10

Lead scorer- FAMU Amin Stevens 8 UMES Neal Pitt 10


The Rattlers put together a nice little run at the end of the half and the moment is carrying forward.  So far it’s an 8-2 run to start the half and cut the lead to nine.

28-37 UMES with 17:15 left in the game.


Coach Harris must have said something truly inspiring for this kind of turnaround.  The Rattlers have eliminated mistakes and are smothering the Eagles on defense.  The spectacular post play the Hawks enjoyed in the first half?  Gone, thanks to 2-3 zone scheme instead of the man-to-man.

This is how the Rattlers need to constantly play.  No team in the MEAC could stand up to this kind of pressure.  The Rattlers still have some more ground to make up to pull out a win though.

34-40 UMES with 14:00 left.


Well the Rattlers finally decided to turn it on, but UMES has had it on all game.  Their matching the Rattlers point for point.  The intensity is finally in the game though.  Rattlers are diving, scratching and clawing for every possession.  I really do tihnk it might be a case of too little too late though.

On a side note, a ref just got a standing ovation for walking over to the crowd and picking up a ball.  Yeah I think it is weird too.

39-44 UMES with 11:00 left in the game.


The Rattlers need to stop trading points and start making stops.  They’re scoring and playing well enough to not get blown out.  That is not good enough.  They have to start playing to win.  Yannick Crowder is probably extremely annoyed boy now.  He is doing a great job of getting position on defenders and the point guards are settling for jumpers and threes.

47-56 UMES with 4:02 left in the game.


Like I said, too little too late.  Yannick Crowder just turned Tim Burns into a poster, but it does not matter when you’re 10 points down and have been trailing all game.

49-59 UMES with 1:50 left in the game.


Game over.  Too much Eagles in the end

51-67.  The Eagles swept the school today.