Pep and the city

Sandra Denton, known as “Pepa” from the 1990s rap group Salt-n-Pepa, is searching for love.

Denton returns to “celebreality” in her show titled “Lets Talk about Pep”. 
After four years of celibacy, the Salt-n-Pepa Show, and a long stream of lousy relationships, Pep steps out on the streets of New York to begin her search for “Mr. Right.”

Her three friends and confidants, Joumana Kidd, Kali Troy and Jacque Reid join her. Joumana loves bad boys; Kittie looks for a man that can handle her wildness, while mild-mannered Jacque is searching for a good man.

The first episode premiered Monday, 10:30 p.m. on VH1.  The episode focused on Pep reuniting and catching up with her girls. Conversation was juicy and topics ranged from relationship drama to discussion on In Vitro.

From Kitties’ visit to a Sin City strip club, to Peps date catching on fire, all the ladies share comical and eye-catching dating experiences.
VH1’s new series Lets Talk about Pep is definitely one to keep an eye out for. Funny, and audacious, the show could be called the Sex and the City for sistahs.

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