Doing too much and not enough: transportation administration drops the ball again.

There are far too many problems in the world.


There are people fighting and dying for a cause that is not their own. There are natural disasters tearing through the planet. An earthquake just ripped apart one of the poorest countries on the planet and we cannot even begin to fathom the death toll.


Some people cannot afford to eat and others are just plain destitute.


There are plenty of problems in the world and to be honest, our government cannot hope to fix all of them, but there are some problems that our government can fix.


Incompetence is one of them. It rears its ugly head with alarming frequency.


The latest in the epic tale of incompetence from the American government has to do with Michael “Mikey” Hicks. The Transportation Security Administration has him on the terrorist watch list.


You would think that after the recent bombing scares and threats made on various airlines, the government would make dealing with top threats a priority.


Of course, you would be wrong if you thought that-shame on you.


Michael is an eight-year-old boy that has been frisked and patted down.  This is not in response to the rising terror threat.  This has been happening since he was two. He’s on the list, so obviously the eight-year-old is a monster waiting to happen.


A trip to Disney World is an exercise in patience for his family and an exercise in anguish for the young man.


Thanks United States Government. We are all so much safer knowing that, at least for now, Mikey is not going to blow us up. Watch out for him when he is a grown-up. He might just snap, and do it out of spite.