Fantasia’s back with a vengeance

 “Teeny’s” raspy, screeching screams are heard as Fantasia Barrino, American Idol winner, yells at her live-in 28 year-old brother.

This is not a report from a tabloid website. Barrino has joined the VH1 reality family every Sunday night with her new show  “Fantasia for Real”.

Barrino allowed cameras into her everyday world to showcase what goes on in the life of this southern songstress. The show will explore the journey Fantasia endured to success and what she must do in order to stay on track.
Everyone thinks they “know” Barrino for her phenomenal voice and capability to step out of her shoes with every moving performance she gives.
Fans don’t really know Fantasia as well as they think they do. 
In the first episode, you can see Barrino giving her new audience a glance at her everyday life. Since fame, Fantasia has been the sole breadwinner for her household. She has been taking care of a family of six including; herself, her mother, child and two brothers.
Her oldest brother Rico is pursuing his musical career and was featured on the hit song “Futuristic Love.”
Her second older brother Joe, also known as “Teeny,” is trying to pursue a career as a music producer but hasn’t seen success considering he lives in the pool house. “Teeny” is living off Fantasia’s fortune, which is stretching thin fast.
The show focuses on how her family uses her, and the steps she is taking to replenish her singing career. Producers would possibly want to consider music professionals like Dallas Austin or Bryan Michael Cox.
The underlying truth is that many reality shows featuring celebrities serve a purpose. That purpose is to promote whatever the celebrity happens to be selling. Hopefully Fantasia proves to be different and “For real.”
Perhaps this could be the ultimate comeback for Fantasia. Different from other shows like “Frankie and Neffe” (fail), and “Tiny and Toya”, this show will feature a “different” side to her.
Episodes of “Fantasia For Real” can be seen on Mondays at 10 p.m. at VH1 or caught online at