Woods needs a do over

Tiger Woods seemed to have it all: a successful career with sponsors and endorsements, a Swedish wife, two children, and a reported eleven mistresses.

Many have been trying to understand what went wrong, and why it is taking so long for him to make a public statement.

True enough Woods has not openly taken the heat for his mistakes, but berating him, will not speed up the process

In his defense, Woods may very well have been unhappy.

However, philandering with the likes of casino waitresses and porn stars was not the best idea. And for his transgressions, Woods is now paying the ultimate price. He is now a defendant in the court of public opinion.

Already he’s lost millions in endorsements. AT&T reportedly dropped him. He has suspended his career on the PGA tour. Some believe if Woods expects to break the record of most major tournaments won, he cannot afford to take a year off. He is going to need more than a year to recover from this scandal. 

How could such a smart and accomplished man be so naive to think no one would ever know that he had affairs with all these women?

Woods could not have expected his extra-marital pastimes to remain a secret.
Regardless of what Woods was thinking while being disloyal to his marital obligation, the public should be wary of the moral pedestals on which we tend to place celebrities.

Woods is human. After all, he is not the first man, and surely not the first sports icon, to commit adultery. Let us not forget: David Letterman, Gov. Mark Sanford, Sen. John Ensign, Sen. John Edwards, President Bill Clinton.

What Woods needs is a mulligan, a complete turnaround of his public image. However, Woods only owns half of that task.

We created the image of Woods as a prince charming with a toned body, nice features and a perfect smile.

The image we have created for Woods is too ideal, and we should not be shocked that he did not live up to it.

We created this image for Woods and now we are surprised that he could not live up to it.
As fans, we set high morality standards for celebrities.

We tend to forget they are not saints. They bleed, they cry and they cheat like anyone of us.

How many people’s reputations need to be in peril until our mentality change and look at them as ordinary people who battled to be famous.