Conference Showdown, Part II: Live Blog

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The Rattlers just took the court and they look thirsty for their first conference win of the season.  The Rattlers are facing off against the North Carolina A&T Aggies in approximately 15 minutes.  The temperature might be cold and in the 20’s outside, but I have a feeling that things may heat up in the Al Lawson Center once the ball is tipped. Stay tuned.


We’re about five minutes from tip off and the Rattlers will have their hands full against the Aggies (5-9) (1-0).  Hopefully our sharp shooters Brandon Bryant and Dale Hughes can keep hitting three-pointers just as they have all season.  Both Hughes and Bryant have made 20 or more three-pointers this season. 


The Rattlers are looking strong in their first conference home game of the year.  They started the game with a 10-0 lead and they look like they’ve learned a thing or two since the last time they played a home game.  They’re getting it done on both sides of the ball, playing great D as well.  They’ve forced three turnovers in just two minutes of play. 

10-0 Rattlers

*Rattlers Starting Five: Rasheem Jenkins, Chris Walker, Brandon Bryant, Yannick Crowder and Larry Jackson.


Larry Jackson just tried to “posterize” one of those poor Aggie defenders!  Jackson missed the dunk, but he took off from the middle of the lane and almost flushed one in dude’s face.  I didnt even know Jackson had springs like that.  I’ve been covering the Rattlers all season and I’ve never seen him jump higher.  Although he missed the dunk, the crowd still went wild over what could have been.

14-6 Rattlers


FAMU still has the lead as the first half draws to a close.  So far in the first half, all 11 Rattlers who dressed for the game have seen playing time.  This should come as no surprise though,  entering tonight’s game, FAMU had 11 players who averaged 10 or more minutes a game.  Coach Harris sure knows how to use them.

22-19 Rattlers


It’s Halftime and the score is 27-24, FAMU.  Just like all the other games this year, the Rattlers are still looking for someone to step up and take over.  I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing that they haven’t established a go-to guy this season, but at the same time, I feel that the Rattlers still haven’t found their identity as a team.  But hey, what do I know? I’m just blogging from the sideline…


A quick look at the stat sheet from the first half:

Yannick Crowder has a game-high 6 points.  Larry Jackson, Chris Walker and Brandon Bryant all have 5 points apiece.  Jackson and Travis Wallace lead the Rattlers with 4 boards each.  As a team, The rattlers have committed 6 turnovers on just 3 assists.  

The second half will begin momentarily. 


The second half has started and thus far, the Rattlers’ intensity has not tapered off.  They have a slight lead over the Aggies and they have managed to stay committed on the defensive end.  Moments ago, Crowder had his second blocked shot of the game.  Unlike his first one, which landed somewhere in the third row of the M section, Crowder blocked this one off the glass and kept the ball in bounds.  Smart play by Crowder.

46-39 Rattlers


The Aggies are still trying to hang around.  For a moment, they were only down by one point.  The Rattlers took care of that with a couple of made field goals that helped increase the slim lead.  I’m not sure what the Rattlers did over winter break, but they almost look like different team.  They are finally playing with a sense of urgency.  

54-50 Rattlers (5:00 left to play) 


2:00 minutes left to play and the Rattlers are up by three.  Let’s see if they can hold on for 120 seconds!

58-61 Rattlers


That’ll do it.  Congrats to the Rattlers on their first conference victory of the season! Hopefully this momentum will carry over to Monday night when the Rattlers take on the Spartans from Norfolk State.  FAMU might be able to compete in this conference if they can perform like this every night.  Go Rattlers!!

FINAL: 70-66 Rattlers