Conference Showdown: Live Blog

Please refresh this page frequently, all updates will come with real time time stamps.


Well we had some technical difficulties, and we’re coming into the game kind of late with the updates.  I’ll just have to give you background information as we go along. 

8:01 left in the first quarter.  We’ve seen physical play, plenty of fast breaks and a few more turnovers in the close matchup between conference rivals.  Qiana Donald has continued her paint dominance with four points so far and 4 rebounds to back those points up. 

Lashonda Gaines has shown speed so far and has contributed six points, four of which have come off layups.  The other two came from foul shots after she was knocked to the ground during a would-be layup.  

The Lady Aggies are just plain mean and they won’t go away..   They share the ball, four players have at least foru points and freshman guards JaQuayla Berry and Amber Calvin have two three pointers apiece.

32-29, FAMU with 5:19 left in the half.


It’s the old strength versus strength thing.  North Carolina A&T comes into this game with the MEAC’s best offense, averaging around 69 points per game.  Florida A&M runs the MEAC defensively, allowing only around 61 points per game. 

Right now it is a matter of minimalizing mistakes.  The referees are calling it when a Rattler so much as sneezes at an Aggie, but silly turnovers are not the ref’s fault.  Pushing the ball in a one-on-four situation is just silly.

32-37, NCAT with 48 seconds left in the half.


Halftime, NCAT leads 40-32


FG%- FAMU 14-28, 50% NCAT 13-34, 38%

3PTFG%- FAMU 2-7, 28.6% NCAT 5-6, 83%

Rebounds- FAMU 15, NCAT 21

Steals- FAMU 4, NCAT 6

Leading Scorer- FAMU McKelton w/ 10, NCAT Calvin and Berry tie w/ 8.

Analysis:  11 turnovers have proven costly for the Lady Rattlers and they must be eliminated immediately.


See what happens when you eliminate turnovers and mistakes?  Three minutes into the second half and the Lady Rattlers are on a huge 17-3 run, spearheaded by two threes from junior guard Christian Rateree.

47-43 FAMU with 16:53 left in the second half.


I know I’ve been gone for a while.  That’s probably why I forgot to remember to temper my enthusiasm.  There’s no way North Carolina A&T will just roll over and die.

49-47 FAMU with 14:45 left in the second half.


Christian Rateree.  Please remember the name.  Three made shots this half.  Three shots taken.  All threes. 


Well it’s been about five minutes and nobody has scored.  Lots of dribbling, a few turnovers and about six traveling calls.

52-47, FAMU with 11:14 left in the game.

P.S. We haven’t seen Qiana Donald in a while.  Just throwing that out  there.


Two free throws later and we have some extra points.

52-49, FAMU with 10:56 left in the game.


I know the Rattlers are winning right now, but coach Gibson is going to have a heart attack at a young age if the mistake don’t stop soon.  When the team is on fire, they’re untouchable.  When they’re cold flaws are everywhere. 

57-55, FAMU with 7:17 left in the game.


Tied at 60.  Jaquayla Berry is going to give the Rattlers nightmares for a while.  Every time the team pulls ahead by three, or even thinks about pulling away, Berry hits a three to bring it all back.


Six games for the Rattlers have been decided by six points or less this season and I think we’re looking at a seventh. 

I really should pick up some frequent flying miles for all of the traveling that I’ve seen tonight.

61-67, NCAT with 2:35 left in the game.


It’s not over, but the Rattlers will need some help if they want to come from seven down to win with thirty seconds left.  North Carolina A&T has been easily breaking the press tonight as well.

68-75, NCAT with 31 seconds left in the game.


70-76.  Two threes away from a tie. 12 seconds to go.


Game over.  FAMU loses this one.  Final score in a moment.