Looking back on fall, lots to cheer about

I’ll keep this wrap-up relatively short.

In my first semester as sports editor, I’ve seen and done more things than your average sophomore. Game coverage, live blogs, follow-ups and press conferences were just the start to an average day.

Every day saw new challenges. I had a page to fill, online content to distribute and an audience hungry for new information about the school they attend. They wanted to know what was going on at Florida A&M University. Every day I did my best to deliver.

Lucky for me I had a strong staff of enthusiastic writers and a school full of talent to write about.

I had the opportunity to write on Florida A&M’s 8-3 season. I had the opportunity to write on the volleyball team’s ninth consecutive Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference championship season. I watched weightlifting, met hardworking men and women in the recreational center and in sports information.

I learned a Florida A&M flag football team full of women could take on any gender and still be Regional Champions. I learned that you don’t have to be on scholarship to be a strong, competitive athlete (just ask Bob Carroll).

I shook hands with two MEAC Players of the Year. Jovana Blazeski and Curtis Pulley dominated in volleyball and football respectively and were justly rewarded for their efforts.
Perhaps most importantly, I grew as a writer. Through my growth I helped others to grow. The sports section this year was one of entirely new recruits.

This rookie team provided strong enough coverage for the section to be voted Section of the Semester.

This sport section has made giant leaps forward in one semester. Trust me when I say we’ve only scratched the surface of what we’re capable of.

The semester is over, yes, but there will still be coverage. You will know how far the volleyball team goes in their quest to become NCAA champions. You will know how both basketball teams are doing. Thefamuanonline.com will have new sports information over the break.

Games and news are still happening in December. There is no reason for a strong section to take a break when the news clearly will not. Whether the coverage is weekly updates from me, or full follow-ups from one of the dedicated sports staff members, I know the coverage will be there.

Speaking of extra coverage, be sure to check the online edition of today’s paper.  There are a few extra sports stories that deserve your attention.

This sports section is doing well, but I also know we could be doing monumentally better.
Trust me when I say we will be better.