Dorm fines disputed

New locations, friends and a better education are just a few things students look forward to when coming to college. But there are some things they do not look forward to, dorm fines.

Rose Jean, resident assistant of the Paddyfote Complex dormitory, said dorm rules and fines are enforced to benefit students and preserve the resident halls for upcoming years.

“I believe the purpose of the dorm rules is to teach the students responsibility and also keep the resident halls in good condition for the future residents,” Jean said.

Christina Stewart, 20, a second-year molecular and cellular biology student from Tampa, said she received a fine while living in Diamond Hall. Stewart did not like it, but said it was understandable.

“I got a trash fine for trash left in the bathroom and I do feel it was fair since our RA has reiterated several times to keep the bathrooms clean,” she said.Some students said dorm rules were created out of respect.

The Office of Student Housing said they understand students have issues and concerns with the policies. On Thursday nights at 9 p.m., assistant director Lamar Coleman, along with a group of students who reside in the resident halls, sit down and discuss the fines in order to make some changes

Resident assistants also try to give residents a second chance before receiving a fine during a failed room inspection.

“When it comes to room inspection in Paddyfote, we allow re-inspection if you failed,” Jean said. “You have 24 hours to sign up and your room must be cleaned.”