Back at home: Live blog.

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6:53 p.m.

You know, it has been a while since I’ve blogged from the Al Lawson Center.  I’m used to convering the volleyball team from here.  Brief shout out to the girls for bringing home their ninth consecutive Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference championship.  Nine in a row of anything is a little on the insane side.  Nine championships in a row is amazing.  Congrats to Jovana Blezeski for winning MEAC player of the year too.

That’s all for the volleyball news.  We need to talk basketball now.  The Rattlers (we don’t say “Lady Rattlers” anymore) are currently 2-0.  Normally a 2-0 start is nice, but when one of those two games comes against a Big East team, we move into amazing.   University of South Florida probably thought they’d trample all over the poor MEAC team. 

So much for that.  The Rattlers took them into overtime.  In overtime, the Rattlers won.  Just because they’re that good.

Next on the table is Albany State.  That’s it.  I have been searching and researching and it is almost impossible to find any information on the Lady Rams.  Sad

Luckily there is plenty of information on the Rattlers.  Beating USF probably helped with that. 

There are four players averaging double-digit scoring so far.  Antonia Bennet is averaging 12 points, Tamecka Mckelton has 11.5, Deidra Jones has 11, and LaShonda Gaines rounds it all off with 10.5. 

I’m just looking for a little dominance here.  Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me but it looks like the Lady Rams are a little on the undersized side.  We’ll see in about 45 minutes at tip off.


We’re only a few minuets into the game and really nothing exciting has happened.  We had a shot clock violation.  McKelton had a nice layup on a fast break.  That’s about it.

2-2 with 16:19 left in the first half.


Ok so we’ve had two shot clock violations.  Albany State needs to focus a little bit more.  McKelton added a wide open three pointer and Qiana Donald decided to join in the fun and get some post points.

7-2 FAMU with 14:15 left in the first half.


Do the Lady Rams not know that there is a shot clock in college basketball?  Three violations in about 10 minutes.

10-2 FAMU with 10:12 left in the half.


This girls team is pretty good.  Good defense, good spot up shooting, they’re tall, they hustle and they don’t have much trouble taking it to the basket.

Albany State clearly has a game plan.  The problem is they aren’t executing it very well.  It’s kind of disappointing.  They hang on to the ball as long as possible to prevent Florida A&M’s offense from doing too much damage.  The problem with that strategy is that you have to hit your shots, and Albany State just isn’t connecting.

Florida A&M openning with a 10-2 run doesn’t help things either.

23-10 Florida A&M 4:28 left in the half.


Halftime.  FAMU leads it 28-13.


So I got the chance to talk to Tony Trifonov, head volleyball coach for the Rattlers.  After nine back to back MEAC championships I don’t think he’s very surprised by the winning anymore.  Just another day at the office for the veteran coach.


Game is back on.  Somehow I get the feeling we’ll be treated to more of the same.


Albany State moved to the press for this half.  It is not working.  A good press forces bad passes from the corners of the backcourt.  Or at least bad passes from the sidelines.  The Rattlers are dribbling through the press.  Dribbling through the press should never, ever, happen.

32-19 Rattlers 18:06 left in the game.


And the gods of Albany State said, “Let there be defense,” and it is good.  The Lady Rams are on a 10-2 run, smothering the Rattlers’ offense and bringing the game back into single digits.

32-23 Rattlers


How do you respond to a 10-2 run?  How about a 10-0 run of your own?  An offensive explosion followed up by some great defense and some extra scoring and the Rattlers are right back on top by double digits.

44-27 FAMU with 11:17 left in the game.


Wasn’t I saying “single digit game” about 10 minutes ago?

52-28 with 7:32 left in the game.  So much for that one.


If the Lady Rams could score after forcing turnovers then Albany State would be in business.  Antonia Bennett is killing by the way.  It’s nice to see a redshirt freshman thriving, it means good things for the future.


FAMU stays undefeated.  64-42