Advertising agency promotes fuel-efficient car in contest

On Wednesday, student-run advertising group Insight A&M put on an event to showcase the Honda Insight and its “green” features in the School of Business and Industry parking lot.
At the beginning of the semester, EdVenture Partners had two goals, which were to promote the new hybrid Honda Insight to college students and to give students the opportunity to promote.
“We had to create and integrate a marketing strategy to target generation-Y,” said Daniel Hudson, 21, a fourth-year business administration student from Miami.
The students were responsible for the entire event.
“It was our job to fully create the entire campaign,” said Lauren Stewart-Furbert, agency coordinator for Insight A&M.
In order to fulfill their vision, Insight A&M used an acronym, STYLE- Savings, Technology, Youthfulness, Look and Efficiency- to promote and build awareness about the vehicle.
“We chose to have this event to build awareness about the vehicle,” Stewart-Furbert said. “We like things that are new and we wanted an event that would match the look and feel of the car.”
Some students like Ashley Alfred, 21, a fourth-year business administration student, were able to get in the cars and get a feel for them.
“It was fun,” said Alfred from Silver Springs, Md. “It gave an opportunity for a lot of people to check it out. The car is fuel efficient and is a really great energy saving mechanism.”
Several students came out to participate and see what was going on.
“Roughly 300-400 students came by the event,” Stewart-Furbert said. “Everyone was excited about the car.”
Insight A&M incorporated an environment-friendly aspect into the entire event. Students were able to participate in “green” games for prizes. There was free food, snow cones, an obstacle course, musical chairs and an opportunity to win gas cards.
Students enjoyed winning prizes and participating in activities during the event.
“My favorite part was the musical chairs because I won,” Alfred said.
Representatives from Honda were in attendance to make sure the event went well and to answer questions.
“We wanted to show the vehicle and see what people think,” said Mark Poole, sales consultant for Proctor Honda. “There was a good turnout and a lot of people interested. Glad to be apart of it.”
Insight A&M is also in a national competition for EdVenture Partners. The campaign is going on at campuses across the country. The three campuses with the most creatively designed advertising campaigns will go to Los Angeles to crown one winner.