Massages beneficial to students

Many college students fail to realize the positive impact that massages can have if incorporated into their daily schedules. From juggling multiple classes to maintaining involvement within campus organizations, stress and lack of down time tend to become routine habits that most college students face.
For those who have enjoyed the pleasurable therapeutic massage at spas should also be informed that massages can have health benefits as well. Receiving a massage can be much more exclusive and rewarding especially for those who have never experienced it.
According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Web site, massages can be effective in reducing anxiety, relieving pain, easing sports related soreness and boosting immune systems.
Fortunately for Florida A&M students, faculty, staff and alumni, this service is available right on campus at the Recreation Center on the first floor.
Advanced Therapeutics and Wellness LLC owners Marvin Moise and Frantzley Moise launched this business after graduating from FAMU in fall 2003.

This massage therapy has been available on campus since 2004 and those students who have been aware of it have given positive feedback.

“It’s very professional and Marvin does a good job,” said Valerie Solomon, a 23-year-old first-year pre-pharmacy student from Fort Lauderdale. “I like it so much I wish I could have it done more than once a week.”  

The FAMU alumni wanted to give back to FAMU and strongly felt that massages are needed on college campuses since school can be a stressful environment.

“We felt like there was a need here [at FAMU] that wasn’t provided on campus,” Moise said. “We wanted to fill that void.”

With more than five years of experience as a massage therapist, Marvin Moise urges students to take advantage of the on-campus service.

“Students worry and stress about so many things,” Moise said. “A massage can allow them to focus on themselves.”

He said that massages help to release muscle tension and stiffness and bring good circulation to the body.

This practice is also beneficial for athletes and those who work out daily because the recovery phase from working out is shortened by loosening tightened muscles.

“Stress and muscle recovery from working out or athletic performance are alleviated once you’re seen by them,” said Anthony Harvey, a 25-year-old fourth-year physical therapy student Brooklyn, NY.

The Moise brothers along with masseuses Chakina Fields and Nicole Houston meet with clients through appointments only.

Customers are given a preference on either a male or female masseuse. Lotion or oil and music are provided along with the massage.

Moises said Advanced Therapeutics & Wellness offers five different types of massages, which are chosen based on what the client’s preferences.

Advanced Therapeutics & Wellness offers the muscle specific massage, which is targeted at certain areas where pain and tension is high; the Swedish body massage is used as a soothing, relaxation method; and hydrotherapy uses hot and cold application that induces a calming affect.

Last is the core myofasical, which helps to warm up the connective tissue. An increase in range of motion is used.  Moise added that athletes favor this because it is great for injury recovery.

“The two most popular are the muscle specific and the Swedish body massage,” Moise said.

Prices are set low to accommodate college students’ budget. The price range for students is $10 to $40 depending on the length of the massage.

For those that wish to experience these services privately, Advanced Therapeutics & Wellness is mobile and will come to you.  

For more information or to make an appointment, call  850-599-3785.