New movie expands minds

Boarding passes are what you and your family will need to survive in the year 2012.

Director Roland Emmerich takes special effects to a new level as he puts destruction and devastation at the forefront of his movie “2012.”

According to the New York Times, “he [Emmerich] cracks the planet like a nut, splitting its crust, toppling its mountains and cities, and laying its every creeping thing to inevitable tedious waste.”

Tourist Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) learns from a thrill-seeking radio host that the world and mankind are on the brink of destruction.

In the movie, according to some conspiracy theorists, as some may call it, all world leaders know this information and are secretly constructing survival ships to save an elite few to procreate in the aftermath.

Along with his children, ex-wife and her new boyfriend, Jackson takes viewers on an action-filled journey of survival.

In this modern-day take of the Noah’s Ark story from the Bible, “2012” will at least have movie goers involved not only with the plot, but also with its ability to make you think.

Although the movie isn’t one with a message, it makes the individual sitting in their seat question their own moral compass, integrity and values of life.

It also makes you wonder whether governments of the world are in cahoots to save themselves in the event of an emergency, and leave us all behind.

Family is a theme that arises in this story. 

Because Cusack’s character is divorced with two children, the audience, along with Cusack, must endure the uncomfortable encounter with the mom’s new boyfriend.
In the action arena, the movie presents somewhat of a predictable story line.
Its over-the-top graphics make up where the creativity lacked.

Nevertheless, familiar faces and a somewhat humorous script make the movie more enjoyable.

In the film, Danny Glover is the country’s president, paralleling our own president, and we also see characters that emulate the governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, along with Britain’s own queen, Elizabeth.

Throughout the movie, the story at times drags with the sappy goodbyes.

For example, families calling each other and saying their last farewells.

“2012” was probably a movie that most would have wanted to see during the summer months.

I don’t think many people around the winter are looking for a “destruction of the Earth” type film.  

However, I must say the money didn’t go to waste. 

To my surprise, the movie exceeded my expectations of a world destruction film. 
I would suggest this film to adrenaline seekers or even those who just want to get out for the weekend.

Grade: B