Couple discovers spirituality in each other

Niki Kilgore and her husband Scott Kilgore simply knew one another as friends.  They attended the same church, in fact, that is where they first met.

“When we first met, she didn’t like me,” joked Mr. Kilgore.

Now they have been happily married for 16 years. 

Mrs. Kilgore gave her life to Christ at age 13 and Scott gave his at 14 years old.  When they met they were both religious. 

“We went to church, paid tithes, but [had] no intimate relationship with God,” Mrs. Kilgore said.   

The Kilgore’s relationship with Christ has had a miraculous impact on them as individuals and as a couple. 

“Our love for one another is not founded nor based on our appearance, financial status, or education,” Mrs. Kilgore said. “It is founded out of our love for our heavenly father.  It’s through that love that we are able to love each other,” Mrs. Kilgore

The emotion Mrs. Kilgore has expressed in her marriage tells the story that Florida A&M student Cheyenne McGregor looks forward to one day sharing with her own husband. 
McGregor, 20, junior broadcast journalism student from New York, is holding God to his promise to deliver the best he has for her.  She said she knows that a connection with God strengthens everything especially relationships. 

“It consistently reminds me to trust in God, not in man and not to sell my faith for a relationship or person,” McGregor said.

McGregor feels that growing together spiritually puts you on the same path and wavelength.     

“You’re basically agreeing to do all you can to make this work and you partner is saying the same,” McGregor said. “If you truly know God and his word you understand what it takes to be a real man and woman.”

The Kilgore’s said God has helped them through marital problems and they realize he is the only one they have ever turned to.  They acknowledge that their connection to one another is closer because of Christ. 

“I prayed and fasted for my mate and God confirmed it,” Mr. Kilgore said.
With God guiding them and their constant faith it was clear that they were meant to be. 

“He was everything that I wanted in a husband and I felt like God had sent him to me,” Mrs. Kilgore said.

McGregor added her views on finding a mate spiritually. 

“I strongly believe and have seen in other relationships that a belief in God is the basis for one’s morals and ethics,” McGregor said. “If the two of you have extremely different views of the world of right and wrong [the basis of religion] then what really do you have in common?”

It is clear that spirituality or religion can certainly make a bond between two people all the more better but sometimes it’s also the simple things. 

For Mr. Kilgore, it was Mrs. Kilgore’s red hair and for Mrs. Kilgore, it was, “The love he had for God and his parents and his gentle spirit.”