20 Questions

1) Do you plan on attending the Florida Classic?

2) What were your thoughts on the “Real World, Real Talk” seminar?

3) Did you take advantage of the Media & Entertainment conference?

4) Do you like Beyonce’s, “Video Phone” remix featuring Lady Gaga?

5) Will Chris Brown’s new single, “Sing Like Me” be in your iTunes library? And why are his pants so tight on his album cover?

6) Even though it’s no laughing matter, but didn’t Katt Williams’ mug shot make anyone you laugh?

7) Taylor Swift got back at Kanye West on Saturday Night Live. Did you see it?

8) Were you in Lee Hall last night to hear Ben Carson speak? The event was free!

9) Sarah Palin was on Oprah last Thursday. Will you take her more seriously following the interview?

10) Finals are right around the corner. How are your grades shaping up now that the semester is drawing near?

11) Gucci Mane was sentenced to one year in federal prison. Aren’t you glad he didn’t perform? Lil’ Boosie is going to the slammer too. When will these rappers learn?

12) Did you see Halle Berry on the Tyra show?

13) What did you do for Veterans Day?

14) Don’t you think Hurrican Ida got a bit too much hype? It barely rained in Tallahassee.

15) Is anyone else still waiting on financial aid to come through at the end of the fall semester? And when are these stimulus packages going to be released to students?

16) Did you try to see “Precious” last week?

17) How do you feel about Mike Tyson’s arrest?

18) Are you following the second season of “For the Love of Ray-J?”

19) When was the last time you attended “Work-owt Wednesdays?”

20) Are you following @TheFamuan on Twitter?