Popular magazine goes too far with latest issue

Cartoons on the cover of soft pornographic magazines are nauseating. Now who will watch the Simpsons without shaking their head?
Earlier this month, it was announced that Marge Simpson, the wife of Homer Simpson from the satirical cartoon, “The Simpsons,” would be the centerfold spread for the November issue of Playboy magazine. The show has been running for years on network television.
This marks the 20th anniversary of the show and it is the first time the magazine has ever had a cartoon grace the cover, which hit stands Oct. 16. Simpson is not completely nude in the three-page spread but there is “implied nudity.”
The boundaries for Playboy magazine are non-existent. It’s great that they are not afraid to try new things, but some things are just too much. And what makes it worse, is the fact that a woman owns the magazine.
Now, we understand times are tough. As far as Playboy is concerned, advertising has dropped more than 32 percent in the last year and circulation has plummeted nearly 2.4 million, according to Media Industry Newsletter.
But is everyone’s favorite mom from Springfield the answer to those woes? We think not.
New CEO Scott Flanders said the purpose of this stretch in creativity is to attract male readers in their 20s—the average reader of the magazine is 35.
We’d like to see what 20 year olds they are talking about because the ones around here say they get no sexual fantasy from seeing a blue high-top haired cartoon on a magazine.
Supposedly there are more raunchy photos of Simpson in the Nov. 15 episode of the show: “The Devil Wears Nada.”
That is not sexy. It’s just weird.