Funds for homecoming concert still being questioned


Recent media coverage of the 2009 Homecoming Concert has raised concerns among Florida A&M student body and staff. On Nov. 18, the official financial records of the 2009 Homecoming Concert will be finalized.
In an email, Henry L. Kirby, associate vice president for student life and dean of student, said, “We can’t release any records prior to close out.”
The actual numbers of the budget and what was spent will be available and Kirby is welcoming those who want to view the records.
Public records show that the concert promoter was given a contract of more than $150,000 to promote the concert and acts.
Some of the expenses include occupancy at four-star hotels, 800 units of printed concert t-shirts and radio and television commercials in Tallahassee and Jacksonville.
Some individuals have raised concerns about the university’s profits. Others want to know how much money the concert promoter has been paid in total and the amount prior to the concert.
“Since we will conduct our regular close out of the books on next Wednesday, how can anyone conduct a reliable, accurate and honest audit particularly a “recent audit” without the benefit of having all the records?” said Kirby in an email.
Vice President of Student Affairs Ronald Gaines said in an e-mail message, “The Division of Audit and Compliance did not perform an audit of the concert.”