Comments on stories are not appreciated

As a Famuan staff, we are encouraged to read every article of every edition, including the commentary by our beloved readers.
Sure, the night before publication, we are most likely screaming at each other due to frustration (and to the fact that it’s approaching midnight, with no end in sight).
True, there are times when I am certain that we would rather be somewhere, anywhere else than the hectic space that is the Famuan.
Yet, three times a week, WE GET IT DONE.
That’s pride folks.
What I can’t understand is why you are not as proud.
After reading the downright negative, hurtful and disrespectful comments that are displayed online, I wonder, what’s with all the hatred? Why must we as students be attacked for our attempts to get better at our craft?
I ask this question, because I know for a fact that there are ways to offer constructive criticism without sounding rude or discouraging.
These are your fellow Rattlers people. Exercise Excellence with CARING.
But, since I know you won’t, and because I “get” you, the only thing I’m sure you got out of this message was how many grammatical errors I made.