Young promoter parties for purpose

Mixing fun with fundraising. That is the mission of FAMU alum Joe Womack.  Womack, 30,  who goes by the name “Joey Digital”, is the mastermind to the Young Alumni Movement and CEO of the social event Web site, DIGITALGUESTLIST.

The Mobile, Ala. native and 2003 graduate of the School of Business & Industry created the Web site in 2002, which provide students and young professionals with options for social events in their area. 

When alum James Freddie Johnson, III learned about the site, he was willing to join the team.

“When I heard what [Joey] was doing, I thought it would be cool to work with him,” Johnson said. 

“I was interested in the platform for DIGITALGUESTLIST and seeing where it could go in the future.”

The most convenient way to bring Rattlers together to discuss young alumni initiatives is at annual homecomings and football classics.

The young entrepreneur partnered with premium drink companies, such as Crown Royal and Ciroc, in order to sponsor the Young Alumni Movement parties during this year’s Atlanta Classic, homecoming, and the upcoming Florida Classic. 

While last year’s events received a great response through its mandatory registration on

the DG Web site, it was this year’s Homecoming reservations that proved how much word has spread about the movement.

“We received 1,500 RSVP’s within 30 hours for both Friday and Saturday night events,” Womack said. 

“We reached 4,000 RSVPs in 10 days.”

According to the group’s site, the Young Alumni Movement’s vision is “to become a fully functioning auxiliary organization to the National Alumni with chapters in, at least, 20 of the top markets in the United States.”

With the goal to become an official organization by 2012, Womack reached out to alumni scattered across the country to encourage them to give back to their alma mater.  But he can’t do it alone.

“I want the idea to get off the ground and let it run itself through networking,” he said.

Other young alumni support Womack’s vision and are helping him reach his goal. 
Johnnie Tangle, one of Womack’s close friends, has worked on DIGITALGUESTLIST and was motivated by his friend’s positive attitude and humble personality.

“Whenever I had an idea, he always had this saying, ‘Let’s make it happen,'” Tangle said. 

“He’s one of the most endearing people I’ve ever met.”

Womack is currently working on new initiatives to get soon-to-be-grads active in the Movement as soon as they walk across the stage. 

He and his committee members look forward to working with new alumni.

“Recent grads have fresh ideas and energy,” Womack said. 

“We don’t know what’s going on because we’ve been off campus for a few years.”

By mid-December, recent graduates will be able to register as young alumni through the DIGITALGUESTLIST site to the Young Alumni Movement page, just in time for the Fall 2009 Commencement.

To learn more about the Young Alumni Movement and RSVP for upcoming Florida Classic events, visit