‘Simply Marvelous’ sets high football standard

The Florida A&M Women’s Intramural Flag Football team Simply Marvelous is taking over the field.

The team decided to play against men after struggling to find challenging female competition.  Head coach Marvin Green signed the women up to play in the City of Tallahassee’s flag football league. However, Green and the players were not aware that men would be playing on the league.

Green said the decision was mutual.

“We knew we needed practice for our up coming season and tournament,” Green said. “I gave them an option to practice and play for eight weeks against female teams we could find to scrimmage against us, or enter the City of Tallahassee’s flag football league with a larger talent pool, that way they can be ready for the up coming season”

Green said he and the team made the right choice and they have no regrets.

The City of Tallahassee’s league has more than 40 teams.

FAMU’s Women’s Intramural Flag Football team has played eight teams and defeated five.

During homecoming weekend the team traveled to Gainesville to play against the University of Florida in the Swamp bowl tournament. Unfortunately FAMU lost 14-12.

Tynequia Roberts, 19, a physical education and nursing student from Ft.Meyers, Fla., believes they lost the game due to a lack of preparation.

Roberts does not because the opposing team was any better than they were.

“We had a lot of injures and lacked a star player, so that somewhat killed us,” said Roberts.  “We definitely have played better, especially against women teams and there will be a next time.”

Roberts said that playing against men is a different type of game than playing against women.

“Playing against guys the pace is quicker, and it is more of a challenge”
Asia Evans, 20, a junior civil engineering student from Tampa and starting running back, agrees with Roberts in that playing men is a bit more challenging.

“You definitely have to change your mindset when playing against guys, the game is much more intense,” said Evans. 

“Even though we played against men, they were not as aggressive as if they were playing against other men.”

Evans said they went up against the men knowing that it would be difficult, but also knowing it could only make them better.

Ashley Livingston, 21, a fourth year allied health pre-physical therapy student from Ft. Lauderdale and middle linebacker, admits that at first it was a bit intimidating.

“The experience was overwhelming because flag football is more of a man’s sport and a lot of the guys are bigger and faster than us,” said Livingston.  “But once we get on the field, we play our best. I always say that whatever a man can do, women can do it better.”