Newly appointed judge in limbo

History is on hold in Gadsden County and the black community is upset. In the only predominantly black county in the state of Florida, Gov. Charlie Crist has placed Kathy Garner’s appointment as the first woman and first black county judge to be appointed for the Gadsden County Courts on hold.

It was only 24 hours after the original appointment was announced on Oct. 27 when the governor released a memorandum announcing Garner’s appointment was on hold for a “financial question.”

Garner has a record of late payments on her commercial property taxes.

Sound’s weird right? Did they forget to get the answer to this question before they announced her appointment? Did the governor make a mistake and say the wrong name in his speech? Did the people that funded his senate campaign get upset because a black woman was being appointed as county judge?

You just never know in these situations until you get all the facts. But with the governor’s office remaining silent, it sounds like a scandal to me. On Oct. 27, Crist was singing Garner’s praises: “With more than a decade as an investigator…she has demonstrated the appropriate balance of compassion and justice needed by a judge,” said Crist.

So since Garner, who already took the oath for that office, demonstrated the appropriate balance in order to be a judge, why are her late tax payments of commercial property a question? This is not an ethical dilemma nor does it have anything to do with her qualifications. If there were something you’re not telling us “Mr. I’m Running For the Senate,” this sure would be a good time to spill the beans. Who hasn’t made a late payment a time or two in their life? This doesn’t sound at all fair and if she’s not appointed, get ready to have a riot on your hands. Benjamin Evans, III for the Editorial Board.