New season, new home: Live Blog

Please refresh this page frequently.  All updates will come with real-time time signatures.


Well we’re getting a change of pace for the live blogs.  You guys will be getting two live blogs, one from yours truly and the other from new writer Cameron Daniels.  I promise both the men’s and women’s game blogs will be good reading.  Here we go.

We’re about 15 minutes from the official tip off time and I guess things aren’t so different between Bragg and Lawson.  I’m currently working without power, but at least the internet is up.  For now anyway.  Both teams are out on the court warming up as though the game is actually going to start on time.

It could happen but the tech guys are also working out a few kinks as well.  Everyone needs a warm up I suppose.  We also don’t have an official scoreboard.  Someone in the audience said it.  “New house.  Same stuff.”


Oh say…. do you know where our national anthem is?  We had an extremely long moment of silence before the national anthem.  We then had no anthem at all.  Kind of sad.


I’m sure the blog would be a bit easier if I had a roster to work with.  You work with what you can I suppose.  Right now the Rattlers are ahead 8-5.  It’s early, but the teams seem evenly matched enough.  No one is running away with anything yet.


Typically when I do football blogs I’ll make predictions.  The exact opposite happens after my prediction.  The same holds true for women’s basketball I guess.  FAMU is on an 13-2 run and currently leads 19-7.  Great defense from the Rattlers too.  Blocked shots and pressure on the ball lead to turnovers.  The turnovers lead to fastbreaks, where most of the points are coming from.

Tuskegee needs to pick up the pace or FAMU will leave them behind.  The Rattlers run too fast and put too much pressure on the ball in the half-court setup.


I’m guessing Tuskegee is reading my blog.  Instead of picking up their pace, they’re slowing FAMU’s down.  Four quick points and the game is less scary.

19-11 FAMU.


I thought you were suppose to call a timeout to stop runs.  Oh well, 13-0 run was finally brought to an end by a Tuskegee bucket.  Really though, Tuskegee is getting kind of sluggish.  The transition game is killing them, and now the Rattlers are hitting spot up threes with late coverage or none at all.

On a side note:  What’s up with the three mini-scoreboards?  None of them seem to agree with each other.

32-13, FAMU 2:59 left in the first half.


If at first you don’t succeed… well I guess you can try four times if you’re the Rattlers.  Missed shot after missed shot, offensive rebound after offensive rebound.  That just means you’re getting out-hustled.

36-13, FAMU leads at the half.

Good first half too.  Lots of fast scoring.  I don’t know if you can put hustle in the halftime adjustments but Tuskegee needs to try.  They aren’t bad, they’re just getting out-worked in some areas.  Offensive rebounds and fastbreak points are killing these girls.  Force FAMU to play a halfcourt game and the game suddenly becomes manageable again.


Score: 36-13

Leading Scorers: Keyonnia Cook for Tuskegee with 4, LaShonda Gaines for FAMU with 8

Rebounds: Tuskegee 21, FAMU 32

Blocks: Tuskegee 1, FAMU 9

Assists: Tuskegee 3, FAMU 8

Turnovers: Tuskegee 9, FAMU 10


The Rattlers are on a 21-2 run stretching from the last half until now.


Leading scorer LaShonda Gaines is also leading the Rattlers in steals with 2.  This means that she can just take the points if she has to.  Nice to know we have people that don’t wait for opportunities, they just go out and make them.


Qiana Donald is showing some serious heart out there.  Twice she has gotten the rebound, put up a shot, been fouled, and scored anyway.  Twice she has gotten the extra point after the foul.  She has eight total points and six from the “and ones.”


“Everyone goes on a run” is a natural law of basketball.  It’s inevitable that your opponent will hit a few back to back shots while you’re caught sleeping for a minute or two.  The trick is getting around the run.  An 11-2 run by Tuskegee has been answered by four quick points from the Rattlers and and two blocked shots by Deidra Jones.

53-30 FAMU with 8:25 left


Football and basketball from this school are pretty similar.  When you’re up by 24 with under five minutes left to go, there really isn’t much to say.  Both teams are doing what they’ve been doing to get in this position.  FAMU is running up and down the court, scoring with backdoor cuts and fast breaks.  They throw in the occasional spot up three for good measure. 

Tuskegee is trying to slow down the Rattler offensive attack with little success.  Trying to get the Rattlers to play at their pace looks futile at this point.

61-37, FAMU with 3:50 left in the game.


Sorry for the late final update.  The game was pretty lopsided, but still entertaining.  71-39, FAMU.