Men’s opener live blog

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The Opposing Tuskegee Golden Tigers just hit the court for warm-ups.  The Lady Rattlers defeated Tuskegee University 71-39.  The new gym was pretty loud for the women’s game, but it may get even louder now that the Marching “100” is present.  Hopefully the acoustics will work in the Rattlers favor once the new gym is packed!  Stay tuned.


The Rattlers have officially entered the building.  The men’s team is warming up now and they are working on individual drills.  The big men are working on low-post moves and the guards are doing ball-handling drills.  The Rattlers will have to put all facets of their game together if they want the W.


The National Anthem was just played and we’re several short minutes from tip-off.  The season is officially here basketball fans!



The pace of the game has been back and forth thus far.  David Buchanon made his first three-point attempt and the score is 12-6 with 15 minutes left in the first half.  FAMU went to the bench early as Isaac Brown got on the stat sheet with a nice baseline jumper.


The Rattlers have jupmed out to a 20-6 lead with 11:45 left in the first half.  They’re showing a lot of heart, playing defense and blocking shots.  The pace remains at a high pace as FAMU has continued to push the ball up the court.  Cecil Bent is showing promise. He’s grabbing rebounds on offense and defense, he also blocked a shot and scored on a hook-shot.


Both teams are still putting the pedal to floor, so to speak.  The score is 33-20 with 5:00 left in the first.  Yannick Crowder just finished off a great play with a reverse dunk.  I’m still waiting to see if Dale Hughes or Brandon Bryant can get it going from three-point range.  Last season, Hughes made 72 three’s and Bryant poured in 46 from beyond the arc.  Hopefully they still have the hot hands they displayed last season.


It’s halftime and the score 46-33, FAMU.  While the Rattlers are up, they haven’t been able to quite pull away from the Golden Tigers yet. Due to some key three-pointers made by Tuskegee, they’ve been able to keep the game close.  Neither team has gone on a real run, even though the score may show otherwise.  It’s a really close game and the adjustments that will be made for the second half should be interesting.


Halftime has concluded and the second half is about to begin.  Yannick Crowder is having a good outing thus far, and he’s the leading scorer for FAMU with 11 points.  He’s also leading the squad with and four boards.  The Rattlers have been a little sloppy with the ball however, they’ve had nine turnovers and just seven assists as a team.  I think that with a little more care on the offensive end, the Rattlers can expand their lead even more.  We’ll see what happens.


The Rattlers are trying to get a little cushion now.  The score is 66-43, FAMU and they’ve started the half with a 20-10 run in their favor.  Bryant has finally come through, connecting on a long-range three just moments before a Tuskegee timeout.  Turnovers are still an issue, but as long as the points get on the board, no one’s complaining.   


The Golden Tigers are still trying to chip away at the Rattler lead. The score is 75-51, FAMU and the Rattlers have really been getting after it on the defensive side of the ball.  They’ve been limiting Tuskegee to one-shot possessions and their showing a decent effort on defensive rebounding.  With 5:15 remaining, it’s safe to say that the Rattlers are cruising.


You gotta love college basketball.  It’s 1:30 left, the Rattlers are up by 20, and Rasheem Jenkins just took a charge.  You’ll never see that in the NBA!  The Rattlers dribbled out the clock, and the final score was 83-62.  It was a great win for the Rattlers!!