Letter to the White House


Mr. President as you may already know, you have nothing to fear. This election speaks nothing of your presidency despite what the media is saying. The democratic candidates who loss the gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia, loss on their own merit.
For starters I know you already knew Gov. Jon Corzine of New Jersey was extremely unpopular, that’s why you didn’t go to bat on his behalf. In addition, everyone knew most of New Jersey Democrats and Republicans alike wanted him out of office to begin with. He didn’t fulfill a lot of financial promises for the crippled state.
I think New Jersey’s problem was finding a formidable democratic opponent because Gov.-elect Chris Christie was not considered the most viable candidate. When he was a U.S Attorney he awarded multi-million dollar contracts and jobs to people who contributed to his campaign. And these were not allegations Mr. President…FYI the New Jersey election commission has the records to prove it. Need I say more.
Many may ask you well what happened in Virginia, tell them this it is a predominately republican state. Just because you were able to swing many voters doesn’t mean every politician has that swag. In Virginia, Gov.- elect Bob McDonnell won by big margins in rapidly growing republican filled counties that historically democrats have almost never won but  you did of course. Republicans swept all three statewide
Virginia offices up for election: governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general. Why should anyone be surprised.
I just think no one has anything else to do but blame the democrats defeat on you. This was a local problem with local issues. As you said before just brush the dust off your shoulders and keep it moving.