Wanted: FAMU acting students for project

Interested in acting? Akil DuPont is gearing up for his thesis film, “Underground”, by seeking FAMU students who can sing and act. 

The auditions are scheduled from 7p.m. to 9p.m. today in the Florida A&M University music recital hall.

DuPont said he is looking for talented individuals that will produce a show that is worthy of praise.

“As a former student at FAMU, I am confident in recruiting young talented students in various areas to bring the film to life and ensure its success,” he said.

According to DuPont, he will select a cast that will portray slaves of the 1850s who risk their lives in order to escape the horrors of slavery.

“I can’t wait until we start filming ‘Underground’, said Praheme Ricks, the director of photography of the film. “The story of slavery will never, ever be fully told. But this is our opportunity to bring a small part of it to life.”

DuPont is hoping that the cast will feature talented Rattlers who will get as close as possible to capturing the essence of the slave experience.

“I am excited about this week’s auditions and very eager to include FAMU students in my thesis film project for FSU Film School,” he said. “However, it is not limited to FAMU students.”

The main characters in the musical will include four black slaves ranging from five to 70 years old. The entire story will be told through song. Dr. Kawachi Clemons, a professor in the department of music, will direct the music.

DuPont is a current MFA student at Florida State University’s Film School, and intends to entertain the audience as well as educate people about the history of slavery.

The idea for the film was manifested through DuPont’s college career. During his tenure at FAMU, he discovered a passion for photography and beautiful images, and served as the president of FACES Modeling Troupe.

His position gave him a chance to practice his skills of creativity and color scheming, the same skills that he is using for his film production.

After being accepted to FSU’s Graduate Film School in 2008, he knew that a rewarding future was ahead. This opportunity would allow him to combine his love for fashion with the art of film and music.

Ade Bajere, a professional music video director and a former peer of DuPont’s in the film school, believes that “Underground” will be a major success.

“Akil is definitely a hard worker who is passionate about the film,” Bajere said.
DuPont hopes that “Underground,” will be that creative project that he has been waiting for since his early college days.

“It is essential that we recognize our ancestors who have fought for the freedom of African Americans and risked their lives in order to eradicate slavery in the U.S.,” DuPont said.

No previous experience is necessary to audition for the film, and participants can either be talented in acting or singing, but both is not required.

For more information and to receive an audition script, email Akil DuPont at akidee@comcast.net.

“The film will be a learning experience and an Oscar award winning thesis project,” DuPont said.