Rec center drops yoga from class line-up

To some excited work out fans, yoga is considered the new-age exercise that provides its participants with not only a physical workout but also a “spiritual awakening.”

According to the American Yoga Association, the practice is suitable for most adults of any age or physical condition.

The AYA Web site states that practicing yoga will produce a clear, bright mind and a strong, capable body.

Many FAMU students agree that yoga provides a way to release the stress of balancing school and work.

“When I tried yoga, I felt at peace and one with myself,” said Jasmine Newbill, 19, a second-year biology student from Miami.

Yoga is also an attractive choice for students who might not have the money or time to regularly visit the gym. According to the AYA site, yoga can be practiced at home, with few expenses.

The, a Web site solely dedicated to the yoga practice, states that yoga does not require any special equipment or clothing.

“I find it especially comforting that it cost nothing,” said DeAngela James, 19, a third-year political science student from Ft. Lauderdale. “Once you get the poses down, it’s really a relaxing exercise at absolutely no cost.”

Some known benefits of practicing yoga according to the AYA site include heart benefits such as helping those with hypertension as well as improving breathing, posture, meditation and strength.

According to the recreation center’s Web site, the FAMU center offers classes such as step aerobics, sweat and sculpt, spinning and Caribbean dancehall. However, the gym does not offer yoga classes, much to the dismay of some Rattlers.

“I would love to have a yoga class in the gym this year and I’m sure they would get a lot of participation,” said James.

According to FAMU Recreation Center employee DeUnique Gant, a yoga class was not added into this year’s schedule because of financial reasons.

“They [FAMU] couldn’t afford it,” said Gant, a 22-year-old biology student from Gary, Ind. “It just did not fit into this year’s budget.”

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