FAMU hosts health care reform forum

The  Florida A&M University Health Care Reform Forum will be held today. Visitors can get more in-depth information, increase  their knowledge and understanding of the health care reform and its implications in their health care options.

Barbara W. Mosley, healthcare reform forum chairperson, said that important issues of the public concern will be discussed.

“I believe information is empowering and in order for African-Americans to make an informed decision about anything, they must have the facts,” Mosley said.

Henry Lewis, dean of the COPPS and the forum’s co-chair, will make a presentation about the healthcare reform.   After the event,  a panel discussion among three local physicians on the benefits of the reform will be held.

The local physicians are Dr. Ray Bellamy, Dr. Joseph Webster and Dr. Edward Holifield.

Carmen Cummings Martin, director of FAMU Office of Alumni Affairs, and FAMU president James Ammons are expected to attend.

Some FAMU students are attending the forum.

Briana Nichols, a 21-year-old junior respiratory therapy student from Paterson, N.J., plans to attend the forum to gain knowledge about the reform to see how it will affect children who do not have health insurance.

Zota Korti, a 22-year-old senior psychology student from Orlando, thinks that the health care forum should explain if insurance companies will get rid of controversial  limitations.

“This health reform will impact many people’s lives, that is why I will attend,” Korti said. “I need to know what the future reserves for my daughter and me.”

Kyle Gaines, FAMU assistant athletic trainer, has strong opionions about  that the reform will impact his life and work.

“I want to know how people who already have insurance will be affected with this reform,”  he said.

The forum will take place in the new pharmacy building located at 1415 S. MLK Blvd. in room 103 of the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Auditorium from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

FAMU School of Allied Health Science, College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Nursing, College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Social Work and FAMU Community Health Alliance partnered with the Environmental Science Institute and the Institute of Public Health to inform citizens of the Big Bend community about Obama’s proprosed reform.