Teens learn tough lesson

Four Utah teens are being cited for disorderly conduct after allegedly placing an order at McDonalds in the form of a rap song.

The teens rapped their order to the drive thru worker who asked them if they would repeat it because she couldn’t understand. The teens eagerly repeated the order, and much to their chagrin, the manager came outside and asked them to leave, subsequently jotting down their tag number, and calling the police.

The teens were then issued a citation at a high school volleyball game, where they were spotted by police. The citation was met with outrage by both the teens and their parents.

“Who gives tickets to high school teenagers for rapping into a microphone at McDonalds,” said a mother of one of the teens, Sharon Dauwalder.

It’s pretty evident that the boys and at least one of their parents are having a little trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality. No rational person would pull up to a drive thru and rap their order after seeing it done on television.

Even more saddening, is how these four boys thought that the antics used in a Taco Bell ad would be funny, more than a year after its debut, and after an estimated 13,000 videos had been posted on YouTube showing people doing the exact same thing without success.

“Honestly they didn’t need to take it this far. It’s not a big deal,”said Gage Christensen, 17, one of the teens involved in the rap.

The teens may not have learned anything from their shenanigans that resulted in a citation. But if they were able to derive some sort of proverb from the incident it should be that, “jokes are only funny the first time around.”Jason Lawrence for the editorial board.