SGA still open for stimulus package apps

Some Florida A & M students who applied for the Student Stimulus Package should receive their awards this week.

Spearheaded by SGA President Gallop Franklin and Vice President Calvin Hayes, the stimulus package is to ease financial burdens for students. 

The screening committee has met the last few weeks to establish their internal policies so that the process of awarding packages is fair.  They also want to prevent unnecessary packages from being awarded.

This week the committee will be awarding dollars to a number of applicants, so far only 30 applications have been submitted.  Each stimulus recipient will be contacted to be notified of his or her disbursement.

Tenai Edwards, 21, a fourth-year nursing student from Jacksonville said, “I am in major need of funds and if awarded I could use it on my monthly utilities, rent and gas.”

Franklin said students should not worry because it is not too late to apply.

“The  money is being disbursed on a continual basis. The application process is done on the rolling basis until all of the dollars are spent,” said Franklin.

If not awarded Edwards said she would probably apply again because of her great financial responsibility.

“Being a student has its hard times,” said Edwards.

Franklin said SGA is working to continue this investment during the spring semester.

“I am certainly contemplating [whether] we can provide another $30,000  for an additional stimulus package for the students once the current funding is depleted,” Franklin said.

Edwards thinks the stimulus package is a great idea because it is an opportunity for students to be encouraged and stay positive.

For further information on the stimulus package visit or contact the student government main line at 850-599-3426