Opposite sex dictates dress for many guys

When we as guys, wake up in the morning, we often ask ourselves, “What am I going to put on today?” As I’m sure many ladies do. 

Men, is this a question you spend more than 10 minutes pondering over every morning?  If so, in the midst of putting your ensemble together, have you ever wondered who exactly chooses what you wear?

It sounds silly, but you should ask yourself, “Did I choose this outfit because I honestly liked it, or because I know someone will like me because of it?” 

Presumptuously, girls dress to appeal to the opposite sex but we also know they dress to appeal to other girlfriends just as much.  Is this logic transferable to guys? I wonder. 

“As time changes, so do styles,” said Brian Taylor, 22, a fourth-year healthcare management student from Orlando. “I think most guys mimic fads because they think girls like that.”

In a poll of ten random male students on campus, seven of them thought that they dressed to impress women, while the other three think they dress because of their unique sense of style. 

“I’d say both, but mostly if a guy has on flashy jewelry and clothes, especially for an 8 o’clock class, it is because they want girls to think they look good,” said Ryan Davis, 21, a third-year business administration student from Tallahassee. 

Apparently guys have a one track mind when it comes to style and dress. Traditionally, guys have been much more, well, basic when it comes to style than their female counterparts. 

When it comes to putting together our outfits, no more than two factors contribute to our choices: “Are girls going to like me in this?” or “Man, is this fly?”

Women, on the other hand, consider other factors. Does my hair look good with this on? Does this match my purse? Does this color make me look fat?

Women seem to be more passionate and adamant about their style and dress than males. 

“It’s much harder being a female,” said fourth-year nursing student Rashida Dobson, 23, from Miami.

“Discrimination is still a factor, and since men are predominantly in charge, women many times resort to ‘politicking,’ dressing certain ways to curb male attitudes by tapping into their primal instincts, changing their perception.”

Nevertheless, it’s safe to say men are just as considerate to the opposite  sex as women when it comes to style and dress.