In a PC world some say Mac is better

For as long as I can remember, I have been a fan of Macintosh computers and Apple products. From its sleek design to its user-friendly setup, the Mac is here to stay.

The debate over whether to use a personal computer or a Mac is all about preference.

The advantage of owning a PC is the use of basic programs such as Microsoft Office. However, Macs have all that plus more. Unlike a PC, a Mac is less vulnerable to viruses that will cause the computer to crash or breakdown.

According to, Macs focus on the artistic and creative industry, making the use of Adobe software and Photoshop easy. It also increases the competition against your everyday PC.

Even though Macs are considerably more expensive than PCs, you pay for what you get.

If you prefer a PC, then look into what you’re getting into. Every PC catches a virus at one point or another, usually more than one. If you’re ready to face that sort of doom, then get a PC.

But Macs are a good investment. There are little to no virus problems. Even the least expensive Mac is more expensive than a PC, but the way I see it, one should choose quality over quantity any day.

Whether you use your computer for music, work or entertainment, you cannot put a price on something that has such practical value.

Are you familiar with those Apple commercials? Though they’re sometimes exaggerated, they carry some truth.

Apple support and customer care are number one. Apple is right there for you if you are have a problem.

In every Apple retail store, there are “geniuses” that have all of the answers to your questions as well as, provide hands-on technical support for not only Macs, but also for items such as the iPod, Apple TV, and the iPhone. No automated recordings!

The “geniuses” even take care of troubleshooting and actual repairs. I can’t speak much for PCs, but I’ve yet to see a Dell or HP Store.

My first year in college, I was cursed with a PC. If it wasn’t the battery, then it was a virus. If it was not a virus then, it was something else.

If it weren’t for my mother buying me a Mac the next year, than that PC would have been the death of me. My freshman year was so much more stressful as a result of owning a PC.

According to the Apple Web site, the Mac has the world’s most advanced operating system, Mac OS X, and with the recent release of Snow Leopard, it is “finely tuned.” Take THAT, Windows 7!

The better choice for a computer is obviously a Mac. For the Mac users, with all of your wisdom and responsibility, I salute you. PC users, I will continue to pray for you.