University fundraising efforts appreciated at luncheon

The second annual Principal Investigation Appreciation Luncheon was held at Florida A&M’s central band room hall Tuesday. The primary focus of this event was starkly outlined in its slogan, “Enjoy A Long Productive Life.”

The theme of the luncheon was a display appreciation for the painstaking and exhaustive fundraising efforts of the department of research affairs and the employees throughout campus.

An assortment of FAMU faculty and administration were in attendance to show their commitment to the cause of allocating funds, to facilitate the growth of research throughout the various departments on and around campus.

Tyrus Thomas, 25, a graduate student from Pensacola, said, “The greatest discovery of our generation is that human beings can alter their state of being, and so you think you shall be”.

The event, which lasted more than three hours, quickly became an all out rally of support, motivation and anticipation for things to come. 

“I think it’s really important that FAMU, as a doctorate university, be committed to cutting edge research, and this luncheon is a step in the right direction to show support and expand our growth in all areas of research and technology,” said Ammons following the conclusion of the event.

Ammons spoke fondly of the university’s progress in his time here, and said that although the university is headed in the right direction, there is still work to be done.

Larry Robinson, vice president of research for the university also felt strongly about the importance of research on the student landscape of FAMU as well.

“This event was done to acknowledge the work of the FAMU faculty,” Robinson said. “A vast majority of the funds that we generate for research, and through our grants and awards, are directly being utilized towards a significant number of students.”

Cynthia Hughes Harris, the FAMU provost and vice president of academic affairs said,

“This is just a mere token to recognize our principal investigators, given how important they are to the advancement of knowledge to the university and the world.”

The university’s goal within this fiscal year is to generate $60 million of annual revenue and urge more faculty and students to get on board and lend a helping hand.

Thus far according to Robinson, FAMU has accrued more than $30 million of research finances since the beginning of the fiscal year July 1.