Michael Jackson movie monumental for true fans

The much-anticipated documentary chronicling Michael Jackson’s final days, “This Is It,” reveals his brilliancy and the fact that Jackson still had “it” and never lost it.

This brings up the question: where was the 50-year-old fragile Michael Jackson the media had recently scrutinized? Because that Jackson never existed on stage in the documentary, if ever.

Instead, a musical mastermind, who illustrated each run through of his would be concert, appeared before the excited audience.

The movie resembled showcased behind the scenes footage of his final concert including his greatest hits from the 1980s and 1990s.  Watching Jackson prepare for the concert was reminiscent of the same way most felt while listening to, “The Way You Make Me Feel” or “Beat It.”

That insane vibe that conquers an audience is an art that only Jackson possessed. It was a gift, which the movie reveals.

Watching the movie was like watching an artisan create a delicate masterpiece. Jackson molded his imagination into his musicians and dancers with love, a word that he frequently used when he made corrections. “It’s all out of love,” Jackson said to his music director.

The soft-spoken musician never changed. Jackson took the audience to his world through extravagant crops and animation.

All the elements that describe Mike are included in the film. The way he commands the music, the silver pants, the white pinstripe, the smooth criminal. However, he never wore the signature glove.

It was not a bittersweet movie. It was a farewell to the unforgettable pop star, a remembrance to those who grew up with Jackson and an insight on how a master performer operates.

Despite what critics say about him, a true fan would take a look at the film and thank Jackson for sharing his music and humanity with the world. Songs like, “We Are The World” and “Man In The Mirror” inspires listeners, unlike recent music.

One thing is for sure, if you are not a fan of Jackson’s music, then this movie may not be your first choice this weekend.