FAMU recreational center offers exclusive getaways

The opportunity to take pleasure in a breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea without having to stare at television all day has diminished to a faint “could have been.”
Every year the campus recreation center offers students and faculty the chance to travel to different states and countries and enjoy what each destination has to offer.
Whether it is the weak economy or the usual late disbursement of financial aid, FAMU students were not able to meet the deadline to sign up for the program.

And those who did sign-up withdrew from the Black College Caribbean Cruise scheduled for Dec. 13-19.
“Students weren’t able to afford the deposit within the time window to keep the same rate; therefore we lost some reservations,” said Tony Brewington, intramural coordinator for the recreation center. “Some students pulled out at the last minute when they realized their funds would not be coming in time to pay for the trip.”
The four-day island hopping all-inclusive cruise would have taken Rattlers from Ft. Lauderdale to Key West, then to the Grand Cayman Islands to Jamaica and finally back to Ft. Lauderdale.
The Caribbean cruise was not limited to only FAMU students, faculty and staff.
Many of them had invited family and friends to experience the cruise with them, all of them paying the same deposit fee.
If you missed this trip, there is still time for Rattlers to register for the recreation center’s annual ski trip in Gatlinburg, Tenn., on Feb. 19-21.

According to Brewington, 80 or more people usually attend the ski trip.
“The $250 deposit includes travel, housing and equipment,” Brewington said.

The trip is an opportunity for Rattlers to engage in an activity that is not common to most black people.

Brewington said participants do not have to know how to ski to attend the trip because training is also included.
“We have taken students who have never seen snow before in their lives,” Brewington said.

“I’m not really into skiing. I just enjoy the relaxation of going on a trip,” said William Johnson, resident director of Paddyfoote Complex.

Johnson is one of the faculty members who often attend many of the recreation center’s adventurous trips.

“I almost broke my neck during the last ski trip while on a snowboard, but I really enjoyed myself,” Johnson said. “During the ski trip we did a tour of the countryside and went hiking. I’ve gone camping, skiing and white water rafting with the center. I always have the best time with the students when I go.”  
Rattlers will not be the only students hitting the slopes in February. Students from other black universities like Albany State are also invited to carve the icy slopes of Tennessee in their skis.
For those who missed the registration deadline for the College Caribbean Cruise, there is still an opportunity to go next year.
They are offering a spring break cruise beginning in the spring.
“This year’s cruise was not very successful, so we definitely want students to attend the interest meeting Dec. 3 for the spring break cruise,” said Tammye Doe, the recreation center office manager.
The College Caribbean Cruise will take place on the Carnival Cruise Line where the excitement is endless.
The recreation center also offers an array of outdoor activities like horseback ridding, white water rafting, camping and intramural sports, e.g. softball, baseball, volleyball, football and soccer.
All Rattlers are encouraged to visit the center to take advantage of the program and services provided.
Rattlers do not need a travel guide to plan their vacations because the FAMU Campus Recreation Center provides exciting trips every year for them.