Nightlife becoming a bit too risky

On Saturday night, at one of the many homecoming parties going on for the weekend, a student was stabbed several times.

This shocking event is all the more horrifying because it didn’t happen in a back alley late at night, or under the cover of shady dealings on a street corner.

It happened at a college student function, at what was supposed to be a night of fun and games after winning our homecoming football game.

Events like these are happening too frequently on FAMU’s campus, from shootings in student parking lots to stabbings at house parties, there are fewer and fewer safe places that students can go on a budget to have a good time.

It is understandable that an event that involves large crowds, there is always a risk of confrontations.

However, it has almost gotten to the point where some students seem to use these events-such as house parties, clubs and impromptu get-togethers- to settle personal conflicts and issues, or simply show off to gain attention at the expense of innocent bystanders.

One out of control fistfight or heated argument can ruin the event because people choose to air their dirty laundry in the street and force others to inhale the stench.

Whether it is an issue of lax security or too much leniency as to who is admitted into these events, something has to change.

For students who would like to have a good time on a Friday night without getting shot, trampled, pistol-whipped, or stabbed, while still paying a reasonable price for this fun, pickings are slim to none. Clarece Polke for the Editorial Board.