Death toll signals need for change

All wars start with enthusiasm.

Countries on both sides believe they will be the clear victors in whatever is the conflict of the day. 

America is no different.

We charge in, face-first, guns blazing and saluting the flag with M4 Carbines and Desert Eagles.

We devastate countries with very little power or stability.

We’ve been searching for a worthy opponent since the Nazis.

The plan was to go in, steamroll a few terrorists and come out with oil and respect.

Instead, we smacked an opponent that had the resolve to smack back. 

And they’re smacking back hard.

Regardless of the reason, whether or not we started it or they did, the War on Terror is now a war of attrition.

This month has been the deadliest yet in the war in Afghanistan.

Improvised bombs are killing off American troops at more than five times last month’s rate.

September saw 19 car bombs.  This month rang in with 106.

This is not a question on whether the troops should be pulled. 
It’s not a question on who is responsible.  It’s not a question on how the money is being spent or why the troops are there.

Or even how ineffective our government is at solving disputes. 

The fact is that we’re there and we’re dying.  Obama promised us change and our troops are there and dying all the same. 

Something has to change in order to keep our men and women, our brothers and sisters, our fathers and mothers, our people, alive.

Jordan Culver for the Editorial Board.