Tot’s rant reveals bigger issue

A YouTube video flagged “not suitable for minors,” stars a toddler, who couldn’t be any older than the age of five, swearing as if she writes scripts for Comedy Central.

At first glance, you expect to hear just a few bad words from a video titled “Foul Mouth Little Black Girl.”

But within the first five seconds you are blown away by the “B” word and shocked by her ability to string it all together.       

In addition to this atrocity, she’s sitting on the lap of a grown adult male who seems to be encouraging the whole thing.

The irony of it all is that the video is so disturbing; it makes me want to swear…at her parents.

Most people have viewed this one minute and 46 second video where this young girl curses at least 36 times.

Not only have we viewed it, but if most of us will admit that we got a good kick out of it.       
She said things like “S***… hoe don’t play with me b****, I slap your a** to the motherf****** ground.”

She seemed to be sharing an experience where she had to fight someone else.

It wasn’t clear of how many adults were around but I could hear three distinct voices.

They found this extremely amusing, and sometimes their laughter drowned out her swearing.    

How sad is this? I am still blown away. Since when did this type of behavior become common entertainment?

This video should be flagged for child abuse and removed from the site. Parents, mentors, aunts, uncles and cousins, we have to do better.    
We must teach our children, especially our young black children, that this behavior usually leads to nowhere. recommends modeling good behavior.
If your kids are cursing, they most likely they heard it from you or someone close to the family.

Benjamin Evans, III for the Editorial Board.