Fight erupts during BET college tour

A fight broke out at the BET College Tour event on Wednesday between three non-students at the Florida A&M Park.

Authorities at the FAMU Department of Public Safety said no arrests were made. The three victims of the brawl, two former FAMU students and a homecoming visitor, were detained. FAMU PD was unable to release the names of the victims.

Antoine Anthony, 18, a first-year political science student from Palm Beach, saw the fight.

“I was watching the 2-on-2 basketball game, when all of a sudden I see people start to swarm in one direction,” Anthony said. “There were three guys fighting. Then, the police came, and everyone scattered,” Anthony said.

Some students feel the altercation brought a negative connotation to the homecoming festivities and to the university as a whole.

“I think the fight portrays the university in a bad light, especially since it’s homecoming, and we’re bringing violence instead of the joy and celebration it’s supposed to be,” said Chardinal Bain, 18, a first-year pharmacy student from Sanford, Fla.

“I think something like this hurts the university and how we’re portrayed,” Bain said.

To date, this is the third major altercation on FAMU’s campus since the start of the semester.

The first was the shooting after the first home football game where three people including one student was shot, and the second was the fight on the Set about two weeks ago. FAMU PD advised all students to be aware of their surroundings and the people around them during homecoming week.

The case is still under investigation, and FAMU PD was unable to comment further.