Spirit of homecoming supercedes criticism

Okay let me set the record straight. I love my university. I’m serious – I really do. It may not seem that way because I’m always ranting about something that irks me about our institution, but I do it because I love Florida A&M.

In the School of Journalism and Graphic Communication, we are taught that we are the “Fourth Estate.”

Though there are three estates in government, journalists make up the fourth. We act as “watch dogs” and report what we deem the public needs to know.   

Which brings me back to my column. I write about things that tick me off, but I know these issues, no matter how minute, affect others. 

But when the Homecoming comes around, these issues hold little merit.

So what if I got my net check late. So what if some university employees don’t have proper people/teaching skills. I don’t even care that I got charged a late registration fee when I registered before the deadline.

I’m in a serene place.

I have resigned to the fact that there will inevitably always be some issue or another with the Financial Aid office.

Communication between administration and students will always be on “shaky grounds.” (Cliché, I know.

Forgive me once again Dr. White). And honestly, I know come next week these issues will continue to peeve me.     Still, I’m at peace.

The majesty of our rattler reunion soothes my worries and my admiration for the University grows.

Homecoming is about appreciating the legacy of FAMU. I can honestly say I will always remember President Ammons’ inauguration last Homecoming.

I got chills when former President Humphries spoke.

And though it’s about our tradition, it’s also about family and friends.

My aunt will make her famous “English Pea Salad” as she does every homecoming after we go to the game together.

I will stand in the long lines outside just to get an overpriced sausage sandwich and a large lemonade with diabetes written all over it.

My friends and I will go to and fro from one event to another only to come home in the wee hours of the morning and talk about how much fun we had. So live it up.
This being my last one, I know I will.

Wesley Martin is a senior magazine production student from Miami. He can be reached at Wes.N.martin@gmail.com.