Recreation center receives upgrade

Students and staff are excited about new plans for FAMU’s Recreational Center and gymnasium.

According to the FAMU Web site, the current recreational center and gymnasium cost a total of $9 million to construct and has been in management since 2006 at its current location.

The three-story building is fully equipped with men and women locker rooms, storage lockers, a spinning room, a dance studio and over 100 exercise machines. This makes it one of the most efficient college gymnasiums in town.

Nigel Godfrey, facility and customer service coordinator, said the current gymnasium offers intramurals and clubs for men and women’s flag football, volleyball, soccer, golf, baseball, softball and weight lifting.  Fitness classes include dance aerobics, yoga, spinning and cardio kickboxing.

A trained instructor also teaches the abs and lower body blast and sweat and sculpture classes daily.

According to Godfrey, the recreational center will be adding two more phases to the current building. Phase two will include a couple of basketball and racquetball courts, and phase three will consist of flag football fields, softball fields, soccer, golf driving ranges, paintball fields and even a place to play horseshoes.

The current building will add a 40-foot rock-climbing wall with a membership swipe machine to verify that patrons are using the gym.

The up and coming recreational center will also be cracking down on security.  Godfrey says there will be fees incorporated for all non- student and non-staff patrons, this includes alumni who will have a yearly membership fee of $150 and guest passes will be starting at $5 a day. 

Godfrey said these fees would go to the upkeep of the gym as well as keep a surplus people out.

“We want to ensure that the students are satisfied first, which means if we have to cut down on the wear and tear of the machines by not having too many people use them, then that’s what we will do,” Godfrey said.

Tony Brewington, director of intramural sports said, “Construction for the new gym has already begun and phase three [of] the intramural fields should be ready within the next three weeks.”

Brewington said he does all the promoting for the gym.

“We go out on campus to spread the word, we go to houses, walk around talking and looking for those who want to participate in the gym’s activities,” Brewington said.

Raymond Allen, a fourth-year physical education major and fitness trainer at the recreational center said, “I am excited at the new direction the gym is headed and love the promotion of lifelong fitness.” Allen, who has lost over 100 pounds in the last three years at the recreational center, says the new and improved gymnasium will offer even more programs based on specific needs. They will give you the results you need and want in the specific areas you want them in.

The FAMU Recreational Center encourages all students to love themselves and take care of their bodies by coming to work out at the gymnasium.