Gym, street named for alumni

Florida A&M alumni leaders will be honored in a naming ceremony Friday after the homecoming convocation.

Members of FAMU’s Board of Trustees voted to name the Multi-purpose Teaching Gymnasium after Sen. Alfred Lawson and the renovated recreation center after former FAMU athletic director Hansel Tookes.

The trustees also voted to name the road between Howard Hall and the gymnasium just off of Wahnish Way leading to Bragg Stadium after FAMU alumni and NFL Hall of Fame inductee Robert “Bullet” Bob Hayes.

The late Hansel Tookes is remembered for his support and generous contributions to FAMU. He was known for his dedication to health and commitment to service.

Marvin Green Jr., associate director of recreation and men’s golf coach, thinks the naming of the recreation center after Tookes is appropriate.

“I am a Rattler and when I decided to go into sports administration in general, there was a guy who paved the way, Mr. Tookes,” Green said.  “He is a model that I want to emulate.

He was a coach under Gaither, golf coach, athletic director, SGA president and intramural director.”

Some students also think honoring these three men for their support and contributions, is a good idea and will eventually create change.

Sequisha Curry, 17, a first-year nursing student from Pensacola, thinks the naming of the buildings will honor those who made significant contributions to FAMU.

“I think that they should name the gyms after them because it’s a good idea to recognize significant people that contributed to FAMU,” Curry said.

Domonique Hubbard, 18, a first-year business student from Chicago, agrees.

“If they contributed so much to FAMU, that means that they believe in the success of the school,” Hubbard said.  “By showing our appreciation for what they did it allows others to see how much we care about those who help us and encourages others to do the same.”

Juan Reyes, 19, a second-year student from Miami, thinks the accomplishments of those who have done great things should be honored.

“I think it’s wonderful that they are going to recognize some important people that have come from FAMU, because it shows that great accomplishments do get rewarded,” said the architecture student.

Overall, the naming of the gymnasium, recreation center and road brings about positive remarks and feelings because of the significant impact the alumni have had on the university. 

Ammons’ attempt to bestow great honor to these three distinguished individuals will become an important piece of FAMU’s history.