Fundraising tactics used are fresh

Older Rattlers are not the only ones making a difference toward our campus. The Young Alumni Association is bringing a modern approach to raising financial benefits for its alma mater.

Better known as the Young Alumni Movement, the organization describes young alum as an individual, under the age of 36, and carries a future vision of national chapters in at least 20 of the top American markets.

An executive board of seven members including founding president, Joe Womack III and Vice President Lauren Grant, leads the association.

“It’s cool to make a difference,” Womack said.

He explained that each high core event is based on a purpose and that people should remember they are having, “a great time for a cause.”

The purpose of this youthful union is to raise money to meet immediate needs of the university through “high quality events” each quarter.

Grant said the support for the organization has been overwhelming.

“Our kickoff was a few weeks ago during the Atlanta Classic where we presented a check to the FAMU Alumni Affairs office for $10,000,” Grant said. “All monies were donated by active FAMU young alumni. We are thankful for everyone’s faith in us to lead such an endeavor.”

Karla Black, 21, a fourth-year business administration student from Fort Lauderdale and volunteer for this year’s events, describes the upcoming galas as “partying with a purpose.”

“The first events last year in Atlanta were awesome,” Black said. “They received so much positive feedback from both students and alumni.”Their goal for the fall 2009 semester is to enhance support from older alumni, and build a foundation that will develop over the next two years.

Instead of a traditional fundraising method, the Young Alumni raises funds through a schedule of events in three cities.

The major events the group utilizes for fund progression are the football classics in Atlanta and Orlando and of course, homecoming.

Kicking off Thursday, the organization has a lot in store in only a few days. Last year, they hosted nearly seven events for over 9,000 people.

The most anticipated event for homecoming weekend is the Crown Royal affair, which will be held at Café Cabernet on Friday.

“The events are different, it makes you feel like somewhat of a celebrity,” Black said. “That is something that is very hard to find.”

Going into their second year of production, The YAM is still a brand new organization and to some a fresh union can bring about a few inquiries about true success and their future.Political science student Andy St. Hilaire, 23, from Miami said that although he likes the idea, he is a little skeptic about the group’s expectations.

“I don’t feel that they will necessarily earn all the money that FAMU will need,” said St. Hilaire. “But I think that it will encourage and inspire other organizations to help get involved…it is a good idea.”

For a complete list of this week’s activities, kicking off Thursday, visit their Web site,