Alum deserve to be welcomed

Homecoming 2009. The campus spirit just is not here.

Even though we are well into the middle of the most anticipated week of the year, it still doesn’t feel quite like homecoming.

Is it the wavering concert performers? Or maybe it’s the cold, crispy mornings we’ve had recently. Whatever it is, the thrill is definitely non-existent.

As you walk through campus, it is impossible to avoid the conversations that usually start out with, “Yea girl, I can’t wait to attend (insert Homecoming activity here). Class? I’m not going to class this week, it’s Homecoming!”

We’re glad to see students have their priorities in order.

But despite some student’s poor decisions to skip classes, homecoming is supposed to be a time of reflection, remembering, meeting and sharing memories with past students of our beloved university.

There’s something fulfilling about sitting down with an “old-head” Rattler and listen to their rants, and imagine what their experiences at FAMU must have been like.

In the midst of the dorm step show or the BET College Tour, let’s not forget what

Homecoming is really about. Yes, these events are fun, and the parties are always full of memories, but Homecoming is not necessarily for current students.

So when Saturday comes, and you are at the game with your friends, take time to just say,

“Hi, how are you?” to an alum. You never know what network opportunity is right underneath your nose.

Perhaps we need a homecoming renovation. We can have the usual events that so many students seem to adore, but maybe in the coming years, there should be more events that are more inclusive of alumni.

FAMU Night at the Brogan Museum showcasing the Kinsey Collection, is one event, but it certainly is not enough. The entertaining events vastly outweigh the educational ones.

We have got to do better.

In any case, be safe and be wise this weekend. Happy Homecoming.

Kikora N. Mason for the Editorial Board.